Northwest River Park

Today after Travis got home from work he asked me if Charlotte had been a good-girl during the day. She usually is and had been that day so I responded with an affirmative followed by an inquiry. He decided to surprise her with a trip to the park. He gave her two options, Lakeside Park or Deep Creek Lock Park. I didn't think that was fair seeing as we've been to those parks already and we wanted to try something new!
We settled on Northwest River Park.
What a nice park this is! At 763 acres it's the largest park in Chesapeake and has lots to offer! Camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, putt-putt, paddle boats and obviously the chance to view nature.
We got there kinda late in the evening, around 7:00 pm but that didn't stop us from starting a nice walk on a nice paved trail. We did the Shuttle Trail which is 1.25 miles long so all together we walked 2.5 miles. The park closes at sunset which was at 8:15 pm and we got to the car around that exact time, we were practically running on the way back because it was getting dark so fast!
I think Travis and I have come to the conclusion this would be the best place to go for Charlotte and Alexis's first camping trip sometime maybe closer to the fall when it's a little cooler.
Here are some great pictures from our walk at Northwest River Park:

Charlotte hamming it up

The prize at the end of the trail

Travis and Charlotte racing

Paddle boats

Red Spotted Purple Butterfly

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