Today was library day!

Actually, it's usually library evening since story time is at 6:30pm but since tonight is National Night Out we will be skipping story time.

Charlotte loves going to the library, not the actual picking out books part yet, but the interaction with other children part. Our library, Major Hillard Library, has a wonderful play area and there are always nice kids there for Charlotte to play with while I randomly throw books into the stroller to check out. The chance for Char to play with other kids and for me to watch from a distance (but not too far a distance) is a remarkable thing.

I have a hard time watching her at the playground because she is always jumping and climbing and not paying attention and scraping knees and bonking heads, etc. I have to sit back and let Daddy handle it because if I had it my way she would be wrapped in bubble wrap and never allowed on equipment! I know that will never do and she needs her chance to explore and get hurt and shake it off and run back for more. I usually end up having to walk away and enjoy a little quiet time with Lexi for fear that Charlotte will see the fear in my face and become scared too.

The library offers me the chance to see the mental interaction. There are puzzles and toy animals and plastic blocks that are usual scattered about. The things I've witnessed there are adorable beyond comprehension. Charlotte is usually the youngest there, the ages mainly seem to be from about 4-10, she is immediately drawn to older kids. She does whatever they tell her to do! If only she would realize I am an older kid then she would do everything I tell her to do!
The best part is that the older kids usually do this little number: take Charlotte by the hand, tell me she's fine, tell me to go away and then put Charlotte straight to work. They do this because big kids LOVE to boss little kids around! The funny thing is Charlotte doesn't realize she's being bossed around. This is a win for Char who gets to play with big kids, a win for big kids because they get to tell Char what to do and this is also a win for me because I don't have to worry about Charlotte while I'm meandering around.

The library for me is an exciting, yet stressful place. There are tons of books! A lot of awesome books just waiting to be found and a lot of crappy books just waiting to disappoint (that's right, some books just suck). My goal is to read the majority of the books at the library, right now we check out about 15 each trip (which is every other day) that gives us the chance to read each book a few times before taking them back to the library, but which books do I choose?! How do I go about choosing them?! Do I take out one section at a time, do I think of a theme or subject and check them out that way? I have yet to find a system that works for me so right now I just randomly pick books and Char is the judge on the ones she likes. I have a small notebook and I write down the authors and the books we lend, then the ones we really like end up joining our personal library, which is pretty big thanks to my picture book loving aunt. I think once I post this blog I will search online for some recommended reading lists to get ready for our Thursday trip. Then I will bust out my little notebook in front of this screen one day and put up a list of our recommended reading.

How do any of you choose books and which books are popular in your house?

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