Plastic Gelatin Sun Catchers

Friday (August 13) morning, Charlotte and I started a new project that I got out of FamilyFun magazine (see Pretty Plastic Light Catchers), making plastic with unflavored gelatin. This was a relatively simple process it just took a long time to finish.
It was simply 3 tablespoons of water boiled and mixed with one envelope of unflavored gelatin. When dried it has the exact consistency of projector transparencies. Charlotte added the food coloring she wanted and the glitter she wanted and then we poured the mixtures onto plastic disposable plates (which is what the article called for but I'm sure glass plates would work as well). Now all we had to do was wait for our creations to dry. Turns out it takes a long time to completely dry! They were not completely dry until Monday. They were peeling off the plates which is pretty much how you know they are done. I just cut the circles in half, one half for Char and one for me to do whatever we wanted to do with. I traced stars on mine and Charlotte went for a more outside-the-box approach. I really enjoyed doing this craft with her and since I bought 2 packages of Knox we will be doing it again one day. Only a few things I would do differently. I think I would pour the mixture onto baking sheets so that the edges don't thicken up like they did with the circle plates and also wondering if using agar would work as well as Knox. Agar is a vegetable based gelatin and I'm thinking it won't stink as much as the Knox did, it honestly smelled like throw-up, gross. Here are our pics!

Char swirling two colors together
Pink with purple swirls

Blue with every single type of glitter we have
Blue with red swirls
Green with purple glitter
Cutting her pieces
Punching holes in stars
Threading stars with fishing line
Waiting to be hung up
Stars hanging over the sink
Char's creation
Now hanging up in our art studio

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