Finding the Alphabet

Awhile back I happened to be looking through a Pottery Barn catalog when I saw something similar to this:
I thought, that's frickin fantastic! I'll have to get one of these for our house with our last name! Well, it never happened and I just kinda forgot about the whole idea. Then I got an issue of a magazine I subscribe to with an article called Let's Find Letter Treasure filled with tips and ideas on how to capture images of the alphabet yourself.
How fun! I'm thinking as I read the article, this would be a great idea to do with Travis and the kids, yet once again the idea slipped my mind.
Well, recently we picked up Stephen Johnson's Alphabet City from the library. I picked the book just by the title, thinking it was a story about a city. Turns out it's drawings of things in the city that look like letters of the alphabet! The same exact thing that keeps throwing itself in my face.
So now my thinking is I just need to make this project my number one priority so it will just leave me alone! So that is exactly what I'm doing. Last night on our evening walk we had our eyes peeled looking for hidden letters. I didn't have my camera on me but now I know the location of a few letters I have in mind.
I will post them as I capture them and I can't wait for our alphabet to be finished. Of course now I'll always be on the lookout for things that look like letters. Just like this stupid commercial making me always look for faces

Also check out this site for alphabet photography if you just can't seem to find the elusive alphabet in your daily life.


  1. Funny you posted about this today. Last night I read a post on a homeschooling forum about how a mom took her toddlers on a letter adventure in their backyard. Not exactly the same b/c they were looking for things that started with the letters but close.

  2. I like that idea too, it would be easy to work both of the ideas together, just find things that start with A's and look for A's as well.


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