Activity Calendar {Day 10}

We're a bit behind on the calendar but (for the sake of not confusing everyone that reads the blog) I'm posting each post on the day it was originally meant for, that way it's in a nice orderly 1 post a day fashion (and it's my blog so I can do whatever I want!)
Gotta love the "justwokeupandnowmomistakingmypicture" look!

Day 10 was to make wrapping paper. The fun (for us) part about it was that I told them we were making it for Santa to wrap their present up in!

Making the paper was super simple, all I did was set out cookie cutters, paint and paintbrushes for them. The tables were topped with easel paper.


When the paper was dry I rolled it up, tied it with a ribbon and a tag to identify the paper and the girls placed it under the tree.
Later that night when the girls were getting ready for bed our elf, "Elf" whisked the paper away and took them up to the North Pole for Santa!
Remember a couple posts ago when I said we're finally gonna start putting the puzzle pieces together? Well, we did!! Charlotte is a huge puzzle person, she loves doing puzzles, I Spy games, Memory, anything brainy really.
Charlotte says maybe it's a porcupine but I know you know better than that ;)

The joke of the day turned into a kinda funny little joke just for me:

What's an ig?
An eskimo's home without a loo!

Well, that was the perfect joke to explain igloos to Charlotte. They're not really something that get mentioned very much in our home. So I was telling her they were houses made out of snow and ice and then she chimed in..."and glue!" How silly is that, of course they're made out of glue, it's right in the name!

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