Activity Calendar {Day 6}

Today for Day 6 we made homemade play dough, with a seasonal touch.
Here is how the tree is looking so far with the stickers from each day. See the little mitten stickers all in a row. Too cute, Lexi keeps getting the mittens and putting them like that. Each day when one of the girls cuts a link, I just stick the hanging link back up with some tape on the back, that way the chain isn't just hanging down. 
Another puzzle piece to add to the collection, I think we have enough now to start playing around with trying to fit the pieces together.
The joke for today was just a, "meh" take it or leave it:

What do you get if you cross Santa and a detective?
Santa Clues!

Here's our play dough ready to have water added to it! We used The Imagination Tree's wonderful gingerbread play dough recipe. It smells so delicious!

I wish you could smell this!

I made some little gingerbread people
Lexi had fun stamping the play dough with the cookie cutters
 And Charlotte had a bunch of fun making a huge mess with buttons and rhinestones and cutting out shapes with holiday themed cookie cutters.
 Today was a great day, and we have lots of play dough to play with whenever we want to now!

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