Activity Calendar {Day 4}

Day 4 is a very popular day here! The day we get to go visit Santa at the mall! Charlotte is in LOVE with Santa, so she was extremely excited.
Here's our puzzle piece from today, any guesses yet? It's kinda furry! Char says she thinks it's a cat...we'll see!
The joke for today was:

What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?

Another joke that Charlotte didn't understand! She doesn't know what tinsel is because people don't seem to use it on their trees anymore (I LOVE tinsel, but we don't use it) and Char doesn't really get the -itis part of the joke either.

Here's something interesting that happened, we went to our closest mall, it's kinda rundown and small, there aren't very many stores in it at all and it's ALWAYS empty, always. So we went to see Santa there. He was a very nice Santa but he was a little too forward with Lexi, not letting her warm up to him first and she cried and cried and cried. I told the picture lady I was not going to buy the picture. Travis was surprised, he didn't think we could do that. I'm not paying for a picture I don't like! So we left that mall and headed toward another. Luckily, when we walked past Santa again to leave, he was on his break.

When we got to our bigger, better mall, Santa was just getting off of his break. How convenient! He was a great Santa and Charlotte was thrilled to talk his ear off again. By the way, she wasn't able to tell him one thing she wanted. She just loved talking to him about anything and everything! Lexi even loved the second Santa too and gave the camera a nice big smile.
Ho Ho Ho!

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