Activity Calendar {Day 7}

Today is the traditional "making of the snowflakes". Where you, fold and fold and snip and snip and create a huge mess and never know how the snowflake will look until you unfold it.
We used coffee filters to make them, they are easier to fold, and are thin so they are easier to cut. Charlotte cut a few and became bored so I cut them all and she had the job of unfolding them. She loved that job!
Now, we have beautiful snowflakes hung in the girls' bedroom. I love the way they look in the window, at night when the street lights shine, they make snowflake shadows!
The best part is that they are pretty from the inside and the outside! I hope our neighbors enjoy seeing them as much as we do!
And no, I didn't forget about our joke of the day! Did Char get it? I don't really know, she said she did but I have my doubts, here it is!

How do snowmen greet each other?
They say, "Ice to meet you!"

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