Activity Calendar {Day 12}

Today on Day 12 we're donating toys and other stuff that's collecting in the house that we don't need. This is an activity that will ALWAYS be on our calendar. Last year we had so many toys to give away, and I know the children that received them really appreciated them.
This year we didn't have very much to donate which made me feel pretty sad. Then I realized, well...we just donated a ton of stuff before moving down to NC. We downgraded from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment so we basically got rid of a whole room of stuff! 

So, this is what we have for this year. Quite a few baby toys and a lot of books we have double of. We're taking them to our local Salvation Army store. Hopefully, someone will be able to use what we've given and be very happy!

Here's something that made us happy, a joke!

Why does Santa need a big umbrella?
Because of all the rain-deer!

Charlotte did get this joke and thought it was really funny. She said the reindeer must cry out all the rain. She's having so much fun with all these jokes, she loves telling people all the jokes she's learned.

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