The Best Thing I've Ever Done For My Curls {Update}

This is a sort of kind of an update about my own personal life. This blog started out as a way to let friends and family know what we're up to and sometimes I tend to stray away from that. Sooo, here is what's been going on!

Remember when I went poo-free? Then, I gave a little update and was like, "Hey, I like this!" Then, I never gave another update after that. Well, I really loved being shampoo free, all was going great, until I bought a Groupon to get my hair colored. So I got my hair dyed (which I hated) and they washed my hair, all the months of being shampoo free ruined in one wash. After that I started washing my  hair again.
Now I'm back to my poo-free ways! I love it, so simple, I use baking soda and apple-cider vinegar to "wash" my hair about once a week. My curls have never looked better! They are actually curls! I don't even have to use product, they dry into ringlets instead of frizz.
If you've ever wanted to try going poo-free I think winter is the perfect time to try. There's a period when the oils in your hair are adjusting and your hair is greasy for awhile (lasted about a week for me), winter is perfect to just wear a beanie all the time. Nobody will even know.

In January,  I made a list of resolutions to accomplish by the end of this year. I am proud to say that I accomplished a lot of them! The most awesome one in my opinion is getting Alexis out of diapers. I knew she would be by the end of this year. She's only wearing diapers to bed, which I think is amazing. Another amazing thing that I didn't anticipate AT ALL is that Charlotte would be out of diapers completely. She has been going to bed in panties.
One night, Travis and I were in the living room after the girls had been put to bed and Charlotte came out dazed, went to the bathroom and went straight back to bed. Travis and I looked at each other, jaws dropped. She hasn't worn diapers since and she wakes up at night when she has to go. No more diapers for Char! WIN!

As far as an update for Travis, this is the suckiest one to write. He is a commercial Union plumber. A union can be awesome because he works out of one local but can work anywhere in the US through another local, that is what he was doing when he moved down here to NC. Since his local is based in VA he was considered a traveller. We discussed and decided, if traveling is what he wants to do then that's awesome. I'm okay with it, we agreed I could pick a home base for the girls and I to live where he can always travel back to. Still haven't decided where we want home base to be, somewhere beachy and south, I hope.
Either way, he's back to traveling. It was a bit sooner than we expected but you can't say no to a job in an economy where people are having a hard time getting jobs. So once again, right before the holidays he is away from his family. It's like an exact repeat of last year. It's only been a week so far and things are fine on both ends, we've been there, done that. We have until July (when our lease is up) to decide what our next step will be.
Just to make one thing clear, I refuse to move back to Virginia.

Things with me are going as they usually are. The art blog (Dilly-Dali Art) has taken off since starting in February and I've been throwing around options of an art group through the library and even offering private services. Travis being away again throws a little monkey wrench into the plan but once the holidays are done and I'm going over resolutions for the new year, I'll have better plans as to what I want to do with it.

Other than that we're doing everything you'll normally find us doing: playing outside, going to the library, learning new things, creating art and loving life!

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