Activity Calendar {Day 13}

Day 13 was something I read from someone else. I can't even remember who now. The parents (separately) took their kids shopping to the dollar store to buy a gift for their sibling between $1-$5. Great idea!
This is a post I will have to update though. At the time I made the calendar my husband and I would have been able to take each of the girls out on their own to shop for each other, now we don't have that luxury (I have an update about that, here). So, until my family (Dad and Brother) come into town, taking the girls out will just have to wait. Stay tuned for the update!

There is no need to wait for the joke of the day though,

Why does Santa have a garden?
Because he likes to ho-ho-ho!

Who knew Santa had such a green thumb!? ;)

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  1. We were going to have the kids get each other gifts this year too. Preggo brain must be getting to me b/c the dollar store never entered my mind.


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