Activity Calendar {Day 3}

It's Day 3 of the Activity Calendar and so far it's been great fun.
Today we're heading to the Greensboro Holiday Parade! So excited! I love parades, we've already been to the Burlington Holiday Parade, which occurred before Thanksgiving and it was great, way better than any parade I've been to in Hampton Roads! It's fun to get out and experience what our new home has to offer. 
Before we left a mischievous little character caught Charlotte's eye. Our elf was found stuck in the sugar jar and unable to get out! Charlotte ran into our room to wake up Travis, "The elf was in the sugar! Daddy, the elf was in the sugar! DADDY!" Too cute, this is the best age ever.

Greensboro is a pretty big city, I wasn't sure how big this parade was going to be or how popular so I made sure to get to the area a few hours early. We were able to walk around and enjoy the downtown area some.

See the twins in their matching white fur coats? They got there as early as we did (2 hours early) and stood there as people started crowding around them, they stood their ground and didn't move once! By the way, the parade was almost 3 hours long, so they were standing there for about 5 hours!
This guy pulled the chain for the fire right underneath the traffic light, the whole crowd was expecting a nice explosion. I think he's pretty lucky he didn't get a traffic light on the top of his head.
The Greensboro parade has giant balloons like the Macy's Day Parade! Neat!! Here's the Grinch of course.
Lexi was having a blast!
 The adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar balloon.
 The Cat in the Hat!
 Charlotte was enjoying herself as well!
 A big fat puffy Santa balloon
The horses pulling the stagecoach were beautiful! Prancing along, I'm so glad I caught a picture of the one in the front throwing his (her?) head up, tossing its mane.
My favorite part of any parade is the marching bands, this parade was not lacking (the Burlington parade had EIGHT bands!) The best band of the parade were the Blue and Gold Marching Machine. The marching band from North Carolina A & T University. They were amazing! They put on a really great show, I'm such a sucker for marching bands.

Like every holiday parade, this one ended with Santa. Charlotte was thrilled, she's really into Santa this year. It's so cute!
Here is an adorable picture (taken by Charlotte) of Lexi having tons of fun at the parade! Day 3 was a great day, I can't wait to see what Day 4 has in store for us!
BTW, I happened to not catch a picture of today's puzzle piece but we do have a wonderful joke to share!
What do you get when you cross a bell with a skunk?
Jingle smells!
Charlotte did get this joke and was giggling about it all day. Silly girl.

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  1. What a fun parade!! We were going to go to the parade here until the kids got runny noses and coughs...again.


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