Nakie Eggs!

This is such a simple experiment the girls and I did recently. I'm quite upset that I didn't know about it when I was a kid. One night the girls and I were watching Jeopardy (one of our faves!) and saw mention of an experiment to dissolve the shell of an egg. I immediately took to the web to learn more. Turns out you can dissolve the shell of an egg with vinegar! Learn more here! All you need is vinegar, eggs and time.

Just place an egg (pretty sure you can do raw or boiled) in a container and cover it with vinegar. After 24 hours dump all the vinegar out and cover it with vinegar again. How long you leave it in the container is up to you. We left ours for 2 days.
Look at the egg! The shell is gone and all that's left is the membrane, so neat! It was soft and squishy, rubbery and bouncy and we could see the yoke inside.
It was fun holding the flashlight up to the egg to see the yoke floating around inside.
We brought it into the kitchen to see if we could crack it open like a regular egg, too rubbery! It wouldn't crack. Then Charlotte decided to hold the egg up high and drop it into a bowl. It burst like a water balloon!!
This was such a neat experiment, we will definitely be revisiting this again and adding other ideas. I've read you can do experiments with osmosis this way.
Be sure to give this simple activity a try with your kids, they'll love it!

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