Activity Calendar {Day 9}

I love this little stinker, check out Lexi having fun cutting the link for day 9, DAY 9 ALREADY! eep.

Day 9 of course was to use our amazing homemade marshmallows from Day 8 and have a hot cocoa and movie night!
We made a simple hot cocoa recipe made with cocoa, sugar and a dash of salt.
Just add warm milk to a few scoops of cocoa mix.
Perfectly simple to go with our flavored marshmallows.
I bought these adorable mugs for the girls at Walmart for only $1.98
Can you believe it!?
Our marshmallows melted right in. They created a yummy, sweet, frothy, pepperminty top to our cocoa.
The movie Charlotte picked out was How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 
It was a great night snuggling up on the couch with the glow of the Christmas tree and a great classic movie playing.
We also giggled over this joke:
What kind of ball doesn't bounce?
A snowball!

What a perfect Friday with my girls

If you haven't been keeping up with the Creative Christmas Countdown
here is the perfect post about spending time together drinking cocoa


  1. lol I love Lexi's face in the first picture! Can you share how much of each ingredient for the hot cocoa? I wanted to have a hot cocoa night with the kids but the mix we have has dairy in it.

  2. Sure! I used 2 cups of cocoa to 3 cups of sugar and a tablespoon of salt. 2 tablespoons of mix per cup will do ya and however much water or nondairy milk you want :)

  3. We tried this tonight...yummy!!


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