Pancake Sunday 12.4


When certain seasons come around I crave certain flavors. During Christmas, gingerbread is a must! I scoured the internet for a gingerbread pancake recipe and decided to try this one from foodnetwork.com. Sadly, I was not impressed. I guess my gingerbread pancake quest will continue on next week.

This is a mixture of eggs, brown sugar, buttermilk, coffee and water
Like always, I had my little helper elf, Char, in the kitchen with me. The best sous chef anyone could ask for!
 All the wonderful spices of gingerbread, waiting to be sifted together.

Butter River is always a good thing.

The batter was incredibly thick. I had to scrap it off the spoon with my finger. 
 It made for puffy, thick, dry pancakes. 
 I whipped up some cream and served the pancakes with a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips.
At least they looked delicious!
The girls must have liked them more than I did because they each ate four little ones.

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